Finishing My First Book!

I am currently writing my first book on “How to set up your Business  Site for Little Time and Money”
In the book I take the reader through how to set up a simple WordPress Website that can act as a simple business website, I include screen shots and alternate ways to do things just in case the reader happens to be a little more knowledgeable than the average reader.
To be honest the hardest part is going back over it and checking formatting.  Because it will be on the Kindle there are a lot of things I have to check which includes how images show up in the HTML and what fonts will automatically come up on which device.  Now with the new Kindle Fires and Kindle Paperwhites there are a few things you really need to check.  I right now am looking at a few pictures that for whatever reason did not make it through!  Damn!
Oh well back to work…


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