Got My Kindle Paperwhite!

My Kindle Paperwhite arrived today!  Since Japan claimed they wouldn`t be selling it, (instead to try and drive sales for Kobo which is made by Rakuten) I had to have it delivered to my parent`s house and then have them send it to me.

New Kindle Paperwhite

My new kindle paperwhite! Loving it so far….actually getting me to read books and stuff….woah…

So far it is pretty awesome, hooked it up to wifi and it has synced nicely, the lighting also as advertised works great whether your in the dark or sitting in direct sunlight.  It is definitely causing me to read more!
Unfortunately since my recent diagnosis of a tumor in the adrenal gland the first books I have downloaded have all been endocrine system or adrenal gland related books.
Also thanks to my new venture Silviculture Ideas I am doing a little research on running a marketing business.  Pretty sure I can do it but it never hurts to get other people`s experiences as well as see what is going on in the inbound marketing world.  It seems to be all the rage and the way of the future for marketing services so the $10.00 or so it costs to get that info on my kindle is more than worth it!

The only complaint I have right now is that it does not seem to handle Japanese ebooks quite well yet.  Would be nice if it did!

Japanese ebook fail on kindle

The descriptions seem to be fine, but if I were to buy the book things like titles and authors are kind of important.


Advertisements is up!

A website dedicated to providing services for authors and publishers who want to translate their stories and gain a whole new readership and set of imaginations to penetrate.

Big News! My newest project is up and running!

Novel Translation is aimed to provide authors and publishers with a stress-free way to get their works into another culture and another mindset for their stories to bloom.

There will be an active blog that will feature informative articles, current projects being worked on and of course we will be featuring our favorite client`s and all of their great stories that will be available to you in whatever language they want!  I hope for it to also grow into a an online community for translators to learn more about the industry and also how they can themselves improve their translation skills.

Finishing My First Book!

I am currently writing my first book on “How to set up your Business  Site for Little Time and Money”
In the book I take the reader through how to set up a simple WordPress Website that can act as a simple business website, I include screen shots and alternate ways to do things just in case the reader happens to be a little more knowledgeable than the average reader.
To be honest the hardest part is going back over it and checking formatting.  Because it will be on the Kindle there are a lot of things I have to check which includes how images show up in the HTML and what fonts will automatically come up on which device.  Now with the new Kindle Fires and Kindle Paperwhites there are a few things you really need to check.  I right now am looking at a few pictures that for whatever reason did not make it through!  Damn!
Oh well back to work…

Why e-readers evolved a lot today: Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo

Thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite myself. But since I live in Tokyo it would be much easier for me to just run down the street and grab a Kobo Glo…hmmm


For all of the good things about e-readers — their portability, capacity and convenience — they seem a bit old-fashioned. That isn’t just because they are single-function devices (after all, books are, too) but because the grayish tinge on e-ink screens looks outdated. Today, though, with the announcements of the front-lit Kindle (s AMZN) Paperwhite and Kobo Glo, e-readers took a big step forward and became more appealing for avid readers.

To be sure, Barnes & Noble (s bks) was first to launch a front-lit e-reader, the $139 Nook Touch with GlowLight, and until today it’s been the only front-lit e-reader on the market. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble experienced “production scaling issues” that prevented it from fulfilling GlowLight orders for a few months. The Nook with GlowLight is back in stock now, but as of today it doesn’t matter since the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo have better…

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Black Light Party Was a Success!


So this past weekend I hosted my first ever Black Light Party event!  I was really nervous for it, not just because I was playing drums for two artists; Rob De and Aimi Mukohara and had to perform with BeatJackers for a ridiculous 15 song set, no I was nervous because I had no idea whether or not the equipment and supplies we had were really going to give the experience of a “black lit space”.  By that I mean it doesn`t look like there are spots where you can see stuff off of black lights but that most of the space is covered.

Anyway, at the last minute Jake saved my ass and happened to know of a place in Akihabara (of course) that sold a lot of Black Light materials.  Not only was he able to pick up bigger bulbs that it turned out we needed on the day of but he also set up fixtures for them!  On top of that he had just finished renovating Crawfish 24 hours beforehand, making it more spacious and cooler than ever!

Check out some cool pics from the party!

The party went so well that I have decided to do it again on Saturday, November 10th.

Check out the video to get a glimpse of what it was like!

What`s Up (Self-Intro)

I guess since I now have two other blogs (actually three but I`ve been ignoring the third one), I should make one for myself.  One where I can actually just write about what I`m doing from my own perspective and it doesn`t have to be good, correct, well researched or have to tie into any theme…just gonna write whatever I feel like and publish!
For an intro I guess I should say first off that I do play in two bands here in Tokyo: Bitter Haze and BeatJackers.  If you`ve heard of them holy shit that is cool, if not I am not surprised but now you have!

Otherwise I also run two blogs called Healthy Now or Never and More Green And Blue.  I have always been surrounded by quite healthy life-style people or the exact opposite (no in-betweeners) so I don`t have to do much research to write my articles, just enough that I get my facts and statistics straight and keep up-to-date.  Which is getting increasingly harder since every study seems to disprove the last one!

I currently work at Tokyo  Executives.  I am the Events Manager and am in charge of Sponsorship for the group.  We try to support the Business Community here in Tokyo by putting on events for Tokyo Executive level members.
So that`s what I do I guess, stay tuned for future random posts!