is up!

A website dedicated to providing services for authors and publishers who want to translate their stories and gain a whole new readership and set of imaginations to penetrate.

Big News! My newest project is up and running!

Novel Translation is aimed to provide authors and publishers with a stress-free way to get their works into another culture and another mindset for their stories to bloom.

There will be an active blog that will feature informative articles, current projects being worked on and of course we will be featuring our favorite client`s and all of their great stories that will be available to you in whatever language they want!  I hope for it to also grow into a an online community for translators to learn more about the industry and also how they can themselves improve their translation skills.


Why e-readers evolved a lot today: Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo

Thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite myself. But since I live in Tokyo it would be much easier for me to just run down the street and grab a Kobo Glo…hmmm


For all of the good things about e-readers — their portability, capacity and convenience — they seem a bit old-fashioned. That isn’t just because they are single-function devices (after all, books are, too) but because the grayish tinge on e-ink screens looks outdated. Today, though, with the announcements of the front-lit Kindle (s AMZN) Paperwhite and Kobo Glo, e-readers took a big step forward and became more appealing for avid readers.

To be sure, Barnes & Noble (s bks) was first to launch a front-lit e-reader, the $139 Nook Touch with GlowLight, and until today it’s been the only front-lit e-reader on the market. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble experienced “production scaling issues” that prevented it from fulfilling GlowLight orders for a few months. The Nook with GlowLight is back in stock now, but as of today it doesn’t matter since the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo have better…

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